Every once in a while, as you are meandering along your path in life, someone will come along, when you least expect it and project the lifetime accumulation of their own personal crap onto you. It’s happened to all of you, it’s happened to me also.

STOP! Stop questioning yourself. It’s not you.


You see, most people are walking through life damaged in some way, and while some are conscious of it, most are not. Why – because the conscious mind controls only 5% of our waking life, the subconscious (or unconscious mind) controls the other 95%. Therefore many go through life carrying subconscious trauma and a load of limiting beliefs from a variety of sources buried deep in their DNA – believing the world is happening to them rather than understanding their experience of the world is merely a reflection of their beliefs.

Having never addressed these issues, the manifestations will have a huge ripple effect spilling over into all areas of one’s life. This is why many will never get out of their own way in business, why many suffer with dis-ease and keep re-attracting the same people, drama and scores of other issues over and over again. All of our motives and actions are driven by our cellular DNA.

The sad part – so few in this world are willing to be a student of life, and do the real work. Not the work of hiring a coach to help them with their business, the REAL work…..LIFE work that is. It’s much easier to blame and play victim. It feels so much better to put all of our crap onto someone else and avoid any and all responsibility for it ourselves.

So often, you (my friends) being the very strong essence of who you are, owning your power and owning your world, will trigger inside of them, reminders of all that they have not yet become or all that they have failed to accomplish or fulfill. You may even trigger inner child or past life trauma. When this happens, they will often revert to the victim role making you wrong for whatever they can rationalize in their mind, when in fact, it’s their very own filters and cells doing the talking and likely the root cause of the life circumstance that they are presently finding themselves in.

My advice – quietly and gently move on knowing in your heart that you ARE on the right path. Know that nothing anyone can negatively say or do, can alter the DNA of your core without your permission. Continue to be open to the lessons of life. Commit that you will NOT own someone else’s words or perceptions of you because they are only projections of the beliefs they hold about themselves anyway. Just because someone spews their gunk on you, doesn’t make it true and most certainly doesn’t make it reality. Don’t ever dignify this behavior with a response or an emotional reaction.

Your only job, keep walking in your truth, keep staying in integrity, keep being your word, keep choosing love. Oh and sage advice I received as a young grass hopper, “walk gently through life, but have a good attorney.” 🙂

Keep your fortress around you protected from the energy vampires. <3

Who gets this?

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