Women that Win is so excited about our January 30th Conference and we hope you are planning to spend the day with us. Unlike any other conference we have done in the past, this conference is broken into three different workshop segments and you have the choice to attend one or all of the segments. You will only pay for the part that you attend. In addition to the great information, we will also be making our largest announcement EVER! After this event, there will be no excuse for your business not to explode this year! If you choose to attend the full day, the total price would be $125.00. We are offering full day tickets for $99.00 but only until January 16th! Take a look at the schedule below hurry and reserve your seat, this event will sell out!

Morning Session $50.00 Business Processes 9-11:30 ~ $50.00

Have you ever thought of franchising your company? If you are like most, you haven’t but expert Entrepreneur Coach and author of the world famous E-Myth Michael Gerber says that all business owners need to have their company set up so that at any given time they can duplicate, delegate or sell. In this interactive training you will learn how to effectively spend time working on your business rather all of your time working in your business. Business processes enable us to go from a “job” to a true business entity. We will also discuss the necessary components that give your company its value. Ask yourself these questions:

· Would I be prepared right now if someone was ready to offer me six figures for my company?

· Could I produce sales projections, profit and loss statements a cash flow statement and a business plan at the spur of the moment?

· Could I walk away from my company right now, give someone my systems manual and relax knowing that it will all be under control?

· Do I have processes and job descriptions set up for each department in my business even if I am the only person in the company?

Without processes in place, your business will never grow beyond a one person operation. Allow our team of experts to get your business set up internally so you have the freedom to work on the expansion of your company. You will walk away from this session ready to implement on Monday morning. Register Now!

Lunch Session – $25.00 Interactive MasteHERmind Session and Public Relations Discussion. Also Our Big Announcement – Gourmet lunch included

Do you ever feel stuck? You know you have amazing ideas, but the very thought of how to capitalize on them becomes so overwhelming that they slowly start to become clouded or forever pushed out of your mind all together. Have you ever wondered how some people seem to achieve all of their goals, but you find it challenging to get everything done? Let 2009 be the year that you are going to make your dreams come true! Most successful people formulate a mastermind team. This “meeting of the minds” is essentially a group of people who meet on a regular basis, discuss their ideas and hold each other accountable for doing what it takes to reach their goals. If you are committed to making your dreams a reality, you MUST attend this workshop to find out more about joining a MastHERmind team! During this interactive session we will have Public Relations and Marketing Expert Kim Weiss who will walk you through a mock masterminding session that will enlighten you on the many ways to leverage your business in the media. Kim is the PR director for Health Communications Inc (HCI) best known for the mega bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul. She has coached scores of authors and she blogs and plays music on her private time. Kim has shepherded numerous authors to bestseller status. Register Now!

We will also be making our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT during the lunch session be part of the Women that Win and Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce’s unveiling of the new Women’s Business Institute.

Afternoon Session – $50.00 Marketing Makeover ~ 2:30-5:00

In this session you will learn low cost and f*ree ways to get your message out in the most effective ways from Internet Marketing genius and owner of 10 Golden Rules, Jay Berkowitz. Affiliate marketing, internet marketing and social networking are just a few of the topics of discussion. Learn how to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Meetup and Craigslist to grow your business. In addition, you will be taught by leading expert Amonda Rose how to nail your 60 second commercial. Take a look…

7 Top Ways to Create a Personal Intro That Gets Results – aka “Elevator Speech”

In this 45 minute Workshop titled “7 Top Ways to Create a Personal Intro That Gets Results” you can unlock your ability to clearly communicate with clarity, creativity and heart. You will be shown how to create, improve, and implement proven strategies to give you the competitive edge every time you attend a networking event or someone asks you “What do you do?”

Are you READY to…

– Cut Through the Clutter of Unnecessary Words?
– Get Your Marketing Message Heard in 60 seconds or less?
– Stand Out From The Rest?
– Get the Financial Results You Desire Now

This day is jammed packed! As always, it is our goal to create tremendous value for you. We will see you on the 30th! Register now