No one goes into business to give away the farm.  Many go into business with a strong desire to serve others.  That desire usually stems from childhood experiences and can be a very positive trait but have negative outcomes when building a business. Repeat after me: I am in business to make a PROFIT!


It’s beautiful that you want to save the world, I do also, but I have realized over the years that much of that desire to rescue came from past feelings of abandonment and the desire to always be rescued myself.  These beliefs penetrate most areas of our lives and the end result manifests as guilt when charging people and the inability to charge what you are worth.

Once I checked in with myself, I was able to develop a strategy that has truly served me well and I want to share it with you.  The good news is you can change this too!  Always remember, money is not the only form of currency that makes the world go round.


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