If you haven’t read my last post title Where is Your Soul Gravity Pulling You, I highly recommend you go back and read it before reading this one to ensure you understand how Soul Gravity found its way into my life. 

For several years in my early twenties, I was on an upward path of moving swiftly up the corporate ladder.  I held a variety of positions as a manager of Credit and Collections departments and my last position was a prestigious one working for an Inc. 500 company.  I was 24, I had power, I had the beautiful mahogany office in the corner, stock options and I could come and go as I pleased.  I spent much of my time in Philadelphia, as I was responsible for collecting millions in bad debt owed by the large hospitals systems there.  I will never forget coming home at night, ripping off my stockings, taking off my suit and letting my hair down.  Many a night we would light the fireplace and I would curl up with my favorite magazine after rushing to get dinner on the table.  I was young and knew what I wanted out of life. At least I thought I did.

We lived in a gorgeous old Victorian home adorned with all of the antiques and pink treasures that made my heart sing.  My boyfriend at the time and I did well financially and we vacationed often visiting bed and breakfasts all across the US.  After our relationship started to go south, we decided to jointly venture into a network marketing business in an effort to bridge some commonality in our relationship.  He was 14 years older than me and we had very little in common outside of our love for antiques and Victorian homes.  So at the age of 24 I left my fabulous corporate job to pursue my MLM full time.  Together we broke all kinds of company records and made hundreds of thousands of dollars in our first few years.  It seemed like I had finally found my calling.  It was here that I would get over my fear of speaking, learn incredible business skills and best of all, I would go on to learn some of the most valuable leadership and personal development skills of my entire career.

We adapted to working around the clock and on weekends and that somehow became the new normal.  Neither of us had children yet and our time was our own.  We lived on a gorgeous river and bought a jet ski for recreation, but it never made it into the water one time.  Our lives were no longer ours.  While we were well on our way to making millions, something all of the sudden was missing.  Gone were the bed and breakfast trips.  Gone was the time by the fireplace and most importantly, I lost all concept of what “me” time was.

After four years of working our tails off, we drifted apart.  We split up and I moved to Florida signing over all rights to that business in an effort to start over.  We actually broke up over the phone while I was down in Boca Raton on a trip for our business.  All I asked of him was to pack up all of my pink treasures and belongings and put them in storage and I would be back to get them.  He packed most of them and I entrusted a friend to bring them all down on a uHaul.  Well the friend came down with the uHaul but it was empty.  He sold all of my precious belongings along the way and I never saw him again.  I literally came here with nothing.  Needless to say I was devastated.

I will skip ahead a few years now where I am now married with my first baby and in a new home, the home where I live now.  I struggled for those few years frantically searching the web and ebay in an effort to replace all that I had lost.  I was so attached to my material possessions and couldn’t get over the loss of them.  I guess you could say I mourned to have that part of my life back.  My soul was in those items, at least it felt so at the time.

While I have learned many lessons from that experience, I am much older and wiser today, in fact it’s been 11 years since that happened and life is much different now.  My house is filled with treasures although they comfort my soul, they don’t have the same meaning to me as they did before.  I love being surrounded by them, my home is warm because of them and the loving energy here, but I am not attached to those things in an outwardly way as I was in the past.  Why?  Because after years of therapy and coaching, I have learned that true love comes from within and not from outwardly people, places or things.  With that said, my business today is very different than in the past as is the time I spend in it.  I work only to feed my soul and for the purpose primarily of creating more time for all the important things that matter most in my life. I almost never work weekends and night now but quite honestly, my working style is such that I don’t feel as though I am working.  Why?  Because my Soul Gravity is sprinkled everywhere and in everything I do.

I have learned that your Soul Gravity must be congruent with your business in order to live in total bliss. My work is a reflection of those very things that my Soul Gravitates towards and they are weaved all throughout my companies.  My environment allows me the ability each day to be as creative as I want to be.  I surround my self with the people I love and adore, the precious Victorian and pink treasures that make my heart sing and the beautiful smell of a home cooked meal most days, all while I am working doing what I love.  My business and life are congruent, there is no line in between and it is that way because I designed it that way – and you can also.  Why spend your entire life working for someone else who controls the purse strings and most importantly, your work environment?  Why spend all day in a place that does not meet you at the vibration of your Soul Gravity?  I am living proof that despite the most horrific circumstances, you can have it all – and, you can design it just the way you dreamed it could be.  See, I believe money is everywhere and we get to have as much of it as we choose.  However, in order for it to flow and grow, I must ensure that my Soul Gravity congruent with my business so that I can keep my mind in a creative and peaceful place if I desire more and more of it to come.  It’s when we draw a line between our business and our life and we become two different people, we compromise the true bliss we were put on this earth to enjoy.

So today I challenge you to take the Soul Gravity test.  Create a visual like the one I did here and truly identify where your Soul Gravity pulls you.  Then, take the next step of figuring out how to incorporate these things more into your life and business.  Life is too short not to be totally in love with all that you do each and every day.  If you need help with figuring out your Soul Gravity, you will want to consider joining me and my team on May 4th for our first ever Soul Gravity Gathering in Highland Beach, Florida.  Until then, I would love to know your ideas for incorporating YOUR Soul Gravity into ALL areas of your life.

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you”

See you at the Soul Gravity Getaway on May 4th!


With Love,