Recently I was feeling the pressures from working hard and in complete overwhelm managing our 4 children, their growing pains and the perils of life and decided I needed a small weekend retreat. My wonderful husband took the liberty to make all of the arrangements for us to stay at a 5 star resort in Miami to get away for the weekend, relax, enjoy each other and of course, indulge in our favorite past time, FOOD! Our souls are so intertwined that we both know when we are in desperate need of “together” time, and this most certainly was one of those times. So we packed our bags, headed out on our 3-day getaway adventure ready to enjoy the complete bliss of it all.

We arrived at our resort at about 1pm on the first day and were met by a very gracious and professional staff who so eloquently knew (and recited) our names wherever we went. We took the afternoon to sit by the pool in an effort to begin our decompression. After some down time and a quick burger, we headed indoors to change and get ready for (what we were told) the best afternoon divergence, Happy Hour in the main hall. After arriving to the hall, we were greeted by staff informing us that the happy hour had been cancelled due to the weather. See, there was a huge wedding to take place and it had started to rain outside so the cocktail hour now needed to be moved indoors. So without much left to do, we headed back to our room for several hours of solitude before going back down for our 7pm dinner reservation.

Part of what makes traveling special for us is meeting new people. Cliff and I love visiting quaint places that are fun, friendly and evoke conversation among guests. It was very clear this was not one of those places. In fact, at dinner, we were the youngest in the bunch, among herds of couples in between their 70s and 80s (even a chance spotting of Ben Stiller’s dad over in one of the corners!)

The dinner menu was quite eclectic and being the foodies that we are, this was to be the highlight of our day! With a modern array of entrees that didn’t suit our appetites, we opted for the four-course option. Never would I have imagined that each course would taste worse than the last. Now it’s about 8:30pm and we are on our final course, cheesecake. My appetite was gone, my enthusiasm had faded and all I could think about was how quickly I could get back to my room, bury my head in the pillow and call it a night. And that we did. Lights were out by 9pm as we both chose to forgive, forget and leave the day behind us.

The next morning I awoke to the brisk wind and sounds of the ocean. My spirit was refreshed and renewed. I knew this day was going be much better than the last. After all, I had full control over how I reacted to my circumstances and what I would make of this day. We headed down for our couples massage mid morning and after enjoying an amazing two hours of serendipitous treatments, we voyaged over to the relaxation room where I was then able to share with Cliff the epiphany I had while on the massage table. It was called Soul Gravity.

I get chills saying those words, Soul Gravity. In the sacred moments between feeling my body and mind relaxing and the voice of God appearing, the lessons came to me. One, that I wasn’t being grateful. I asked for forgiveness. Two that the reason why I was so unhappy in the environment I was in was because it is not where my Soul Gravity wanted to pull me.

See, when Cliff and I had first decided to retreat for the weekend, we both felt the need to visit a new bed and breakfast and spend our days antiquing which truly are some of our favorite things to do when we travel. But for me, this is more than just a favorite hobby. My entire life I have been drawn to, pulled in the direction of, all things old and nostalgic. Almost like my soul gravitated towards these things and places that held them. Could it be that I was reincarnated from the Victorian era? It was only after I would leave home as a young adult and get into a horrible seven year relationship in my twenties, that I would realize this sort of, what I now know as “Soul Gravity” taking place. Like my soul wouldn’t fully rest at ease until I was in an old home, by a fireplace, surrounded by old pictures, pink treasures, great people and of course the aroma of freshly baked goodies in the oven while the classical music played in the background.

So amidst the disappointment of my first night at the resort and the pleasure filled morning that followed, I realized that there really is something that pulls us in a direction of what our soul longs for and it’s called Soul Gravity.

While sitting in the relaxation room with Cliff, I shared with him what I had heard, felt and discovered about Soul Gravity, he agreed. Knowing me, he agreed that my soul was pulling me the day prior. So I asked him, where do you feel your Soul Gravity pulls you and without hesitation he answered. He said he is drawn to Asian things (I knew this) and spiritual music, Buddha’s and Asian food and in this moment I knew we were on to something. We ALL have a Soul Gravity. Some of us are blessed that our Soul Gravity is interwoven all throughout our lives and businesses. I know mine is. My house is built like a bed and breakfast and I am surrounded by old treasures from ancestors before me and there are always scrumptious smelling aromas filling each room. In my business I have made a living of gathering those special people that I so desire to share life stories and recipes with. I am fascinated by these things.

So now – the question reverts to you. Are you being pulled to your Soul Gravity? Or have you structured your life and career around the very things that make your soul sing. This new day held many lessons for me. I now realize that both Cliff and I need to be surrounded by the things that are true to our Soul Gravity everywhere we go, and in everything we do. He also needs a place in our home where he feels creative, comfortable and in the midst of the treasures and sounds that give him soul centered bliss and so do you.

I hope this story has served you well and I pray that you meditate on where your Soul Gravity pulls you. Don’t wait for a vacation once or twice a year to bring you to that special place in your heart. You can enjoy this feeling every day, I know I will.

See you at the Soul Gravity Getaway on May 4th!
Kellie Kuecha