Most entrepreneurs are missing out on one of the most brilliant ways to build their brand and create a massive cash infusion because they are NOT doing EVENTS.


Reason being, they are afraid of:

1. Not being able to fill the room.
2. Taking on risk/debt and not turning a profit.
3. Standing in their own power.

In 20 years of doing events, I have never lost money and have always turned a profit. I have filled every room, even if I had to shrink down the room to fit.

BUT, I didn’t always stand in my power and yet I still made it work.

Nonetheless, all three of these fear driven stop signs can be taught and worked through.

All 7 of the major Marketing Mediums that you need running in your business must be learned and utilized consistency in order to achieve Brand Omnipresence.

So my question to you is, why are you not doing events? I would love to talk this through and help you take the next step.

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