Creativity and innovation are KING in branding!   Kellie Kuecha

BRANDING QUESTION:  Do you think using the words AUTHOR – COACH – SPEAKER in your brand, on your business cards, as a tagline and elsewhere help or hurt you?


REASON: Everyone and their mother uses those terms! There is absolutely nothing unique about them and therefore you are lumping yourself in the heap with everyone else using them. Creativity and innovation are KING in branding! Think about your prospect for a minute. They are thinking about hiring you. Do you think they care that you are an author, speaker and coach? Heck no! They want to know what YOU are going to do for THEM. That’s why I prefer monikers that are nicknames that tell the prospect what you will do for THEM not more of what YOU ARE and what you have done. There are places throughout your brand to highlight all that you are and all that you have accomplished but headlines and tag lines are not one of them! Capiche? Love Ms. Tough Love!

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