God advises that our gifts will make room for us. The Bible doesn’t say your education will make room for you, it says your gifts.

God has placed gifts in each and every one of us. It will make a way for you in life. It is in exercising this gift that you will find real fulfillment, purpose, and contentment in your work.


The Bible does not say that a man’s education makes room for him, but that his gift does. Somehow we have swallowed the idea that education is the key to success. Our families and societies have reinforced this idea to us, but we will have to change our perspective if we are to be truly successful.

So today, thank God for your gifts, ask him how he shall see them used in your life NOW and stop believing the lie that you need to know more before going out into the world and sharing your brilliance.

Bloom where you are planted.


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