We all come to this planet with special seeds God has planted in us; most often we refer to them as “our gifts.”  He plants the seeds and yet I believe it’s our job to harvest them.  At this juncture, as we continue to explore the idea of Soul Gravity, I must ask you if you truly know your gifts?  If so, are you using them?  Do your gifts coincide with your career path?

In our Diamond Leadership Club and YOU Mastery trainings my students are challenged to explore and discover what I call their Million Dollar Value. Your MDV is the one gift that you bring to the world that you have a unique talent for and can be executed better than anyone else.  It could be your smile, your marketing ability, you make the best cheesecake or you create the most beautiful art from old china.  Because my belief is that anything can be monetized, once you discover what your MDV is, I can then help you turn it into a profitable business or, I can incorporate it into your existing business. Why is the piece of self-discovery so important? Because most people have never explored their gifts let alone found a way to profit from them.

Earlier this year my Diamond class and I took the Strength Finders 2.0 test, which was part of an entire book whose core concept revolved around focusing and building upon your strengths rather than spending time developing your weaknesses.  This philosophy goes hand in hand with that of my MDV discovery process.  Let me use myself as an example here.  One of my gifts is that I have a great ability to create warm and inviting spaces for people to leave their worries behind, open up, become vulnerable and share.  Once they are open and comfortable they are much easier to teach.  I love to hostess and you already know I love anything food related so I always make sure food and great smells are involved along with inspiration music to fit the mood.  Because of my warm hostess and gathering abilities, I have created my business around doing just that, gathering women, playing hostess and using my other million dollar value, teaching them about business.

How does this all tie into my Soul Gravity you ask?  For the past 17 years, I have used the sacred space of my home as my teaching grounds, where I am surrounded by the sights, sounds and energies of my Soul Gravity.  I find I am a much better teacher when I am in an inspiring environment that feeds my Soul.  In other words, if my gift is artistry, I must find an inspiring studio to paint in and for me, that studio is my home.  That is why most of my businesses are online business and all of which can be run from home. This is how I use my gifts while running a prosperous business and enjoying the flow of my Soul Gravity.

Now back to you.  Take out that new journal that I asked you to purchase in my last post and make a list of all of the gifts you bring to the world.  Then narrow the list down to the top five and number them one through five (one being what you do best) and from there you will find your Million Dollar Value.  Then, take some time and review your business and how it flows with your Soul Gravity.  Do you like what you see?

If not, it’s time for a planning session to figure out how you can create more fluidity between your Soul your gifts and your business.  You have heard the saying, “if you follow your bliss you will never have to work a day in your life.”  I believe in this very moment in time, with the God given talents that you already posses, you are only steps away from the greatest prosperity you have ever known! Do you believe me?

Here’s to following your bliss and building a business based the true gifts and desires that reside deep in your Soul.  See you at the Soul Gravity Gathering on May 4th!  Until then, keep owning your world!