Your words and pictures have power. Understanding that words have energy – and so it’s our job to use them as wisely as possible. Everything is energy and therefore everything that is energy carries an energetic vibration. That vibration either attracts all things love or all things fear. Think of all the various outcomes that fall into each of those categories. So here is my message for today as it relates to words and pictures on social media…

We are ALL dealing with aliments, crap going on in our lives, sick loved ones, illnesses we are battling, people annoying us, kids with issues and so much more. Posting all of the “low vibration” stuff going on in our lives on social media sets in motion more low vibrating outcomes in our lives. Then when people start engaging in such posts, it compounds the effect and we wonder how things in life take downward spirals so quickly. Never in my life have I seen so many pictures of people in hospital beds, wounds on people’s bodies, long rants about how someone was burned or duped. Never. It’s become a new epidemic of epic proportions.

Not to mention the fact that some things should be kept sacred and within our own inner circles, these posts are leading us down a catastrophic path because the engagement from them is so very addicting. Over the years I have studied every possible type of online story telling method and what types of posts garner the most engagement and guess what, sympathy and rant posts rank at the top. Sad when you think about it. You want to end war in the world? Raise YOUR vibration. Raise YOUR level of consciousness.


We’ve become addicted to talking about our ailments and talking about them doesn’t fix them, it only gives you a temporary sense of comfort. The only way to cancel out something negative going on in your life is in YOUR MIND, NOT ONLINE. Not continuously talking about it. How about praying, meditating, going inward? How about peeling back all the layers of the onion and asking your self where the real fear is coming from? How about asking your self in advance, “will this post bring me high vibrating results in my life or low?”

Engagement from a post that begins in low vibration IS NOT LOVE. Although it may feel like love and attention, but it’s not. The time and energy spent engaging and reading the comments from it keep you stuck and grounded in fear and the Universe has no choice but to send you more of what you are rooted in.

I want so badly for this message to be taken seriously and without offense because I am judging no one. I truly believe that if we are going to shift the consciousness of the world it must begin with OUR actions. Our words. Our energy. One decision at a time. You want to end war, start with the war going on in your own mind. Not once have you seen my mentor Susan Somerset Webb posting about her illness, with words or pictures. She knows this well. She taught this to me. Please consider the words in this message today.

Said with much love.

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