A mentor asked me last week how much money I want to make in the next year. I said my focus is no longer on money.

I know I will continue to enjoy great wealth but it will not come through a focus on it. I am not into just having a business to make money. I am interested in having a business that supports my vision of impacting one million lives over the next 12 months and I have faith that the money will find it’s way to me. It always has.


Making money is easy. We make it so hard because we choose not to address our fears and subconscious beliefs.

Does strategy still have a place, sure and I will be discussing that part on my show tomorrow but I am not here to just do a business. That’s mediocre. I am not here to just exist. I am here to impact generations, leave a legacy, change paradigms, offer new perspectives and do my part to create a global shift in consciousness.

The harvest will always be plentiful for those who place sowing ahead of reaping.

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