Top of Mind

In business/branding if you ever have hopes of becoming TOP OF MIND in your niche…you must pick ONE thing to become known for and work your butt off to be the best at it. I see so many people watering down their brands because they are:

  1. trying to be all things to all people (no target market)
  2. JVing with everyone under the sun
  3. not focusing on ONE niche area of business.

I have taught branding for the last 8 years and I only taught facebook during that time as a method to enhance someone’s brand online. That was it. This is the very first year I have publicly added other classes to my offerings. And while I built a very large MLM business in the last 8 years also and have taught other things in private programs, my PRIMARY niche, what the public saw, was all centered around BRANDING and being the best at it in the industry.

So I ask you today, what is the ONE thing you want to be known for? Vera Wang didn’t start selling home and lifestyle items until after she made millions in the wedding dress market being the best at it. Heinz ketchup didn’t expand their offerings until they mastered ketchup. Calling yourself any generic term will also make it hard for you to become top of mind so get creative with your title. Nix the word coach. I primarily work with coaches, authors and speakers but those are not unique terms so don’t use them. I see so many use those three terms on their business cards and banners and they do nothing to set the person apart or tell the prospect what your specialize in. Let’s get serious y’all. There is too much money being left on the table! Who gets this?

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