A common question among entrepreneurs in my age group is, “Should I go back to school and further my education?” My answer is almost always NO. When the economy is down, education rises, why? People get into fear. A higher level degree is not going to bring customers in the door and it is certainly not going to guarantee you a job.

People don’t run out of money, they run out of ideas! Let me save you $20,000 -$100,000 and 2-4 years of your life with this little piece of advice I learned many moons ago…

Have You Reached Top of Mind Status?

Have You Reached Top of Mind Status?

Marketing is more important than mastery. Learn it, master it and keep honing your craft! Pick a specific niche, work hard to reach top of mind status and that is the best education you will ever get!

That’s my 2 cents. Have a great day!

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