Kellie’s Offerings:

If you had only ONE hour to create streams of income in your business, would you know where to begin?  If someone handed you a structured list of products and deliverables that would open the door to exploding your revenue, what would that be worth in your business?  This is your chance to personally work with not just a “marketing expert” or “coach” but a true business mentor and visionary.  From virtual online programs to live, personal mentoring, Kellie offers many levels of coaching and consulting for business owners—both new and advanced.

Diamond Leadership Club

Three Tiers To Fit YOUR Needs

Diamond Leadership Crown Muse Membership
Monthly Tuition – $9.97
Kellie realizes that every business starts at the beginning and these new businesses need support, mentoring, creative input and direction to bring their vision to fruition.  Kellie created the Muse Membership for all levels of entrepreneurs, including those who are ready to make the leap to becoming one. This is our entry-level membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Kellie and her teachings at a very affordable rate.

DLC Muse Members Enjoy:

  • For two hours once a month, Kellie and a special guest pertaining to business success, offer their knowledge, insights and direction to help you stay on track with your vision and provide you with information to assist you in making the essential decisions necessary for the growth of your business and income.
  • Every call is digitally recorded and accompanied with action steps.
  • 10% savings on Kellie’s products and new tele-courses.

Diamond Leadership Crown Maven Membership
Tuition $3,000.
Kellie’s experience in business has been this: The Bigger the Vision, The Bigger the Plan.  The Crown Maven program is for the business owner with a big vision who knows she is ready to succeed, but lacks the extensive knowledge and support to help her reach her full potential and turn that potential into dollars.  The Crown Maven invests in her future and is willing to take the steps to get there in spite of where she may be right now.

DLC Maven members enjoy:

  • Two hour Monthly Muse member calls focusing on a specific topic with a guest expert in business. See Muse Member information above
  • A personal invitation to one of Kellie’s masterful signature events – IntHERnet Success Weekend, YOU Mastery Weekend, Speakers Wealth Map or Event Success Formula.
  • One Hour of Power with Kellie where she will engage in YOUR vision and apply her expertise to help you create YOUR personalized success MAP
  • 20% savings on Kellie’s products and new tele-courses. Click here to download your application.

Diamond Leadership Crown Master Program
This is an exclusive group of powerful and accomplished women who are launching their unique brand and passion on a national and global scale well beyond the six figure mark. With Kellie at the helm, these women combine their efforts, unique perspectives, expertise and support to help each woman reach her success potential. The Crown Master Program is designed to accelerate your business to the next level in a solid format, step by step taking you from the hours-for-dollars model and into the passive revenue and forever income model.

DLC Master Members Enjoy:

  • An intense year long-curriculum is delivered via phone and Internet twice per month providing your with a structured system and plan for each stage of growth and expansion in your vision and business.  Each session is two hours.
  • Individual monthly laser coaching calls where Kellie works exclusively with YOU and your vision and specific goals in business at each stage.
  • Admission to FOUR yearly live events with Kellie and her team in beautiful locations.   IntHERnet Success Weekend, YOU Mastery Weekend, Speakers Wealth Map and Event Success Formula.
  • VIP invitation to EMERGE where you get “front of the room” seating and access to the main speakers and loads of other benefits!
  • YOUR Personal Product Launch LIVE on stage at EMERGE the following year.
  • Private coaching and mentoring with Kellie’s advisors and mentors with expertise in areas such as: marketing, logo design, speaking skills and more.
  • Exclusive Private DLC Online Forum to interact with other DLC members, ask questions, get feedback, share resources, run ideas past each other, network and more.
  • Two hour Monthly Muse member calls focusing on a specific topic with a guest expert in business. See Muse Member information above
  • 30% savings on Kellie’s products and new tele-courses.
  • Fabulous Alumni benefits.

DLC is a limited-enrollment program, and tuition for first-year members begins at $40,000.  Enrollment is dependent upon application. Click here to download your application.