There’s been something on my heart for a few weeks now and so today I’m bringing forth this truth. Years ago when I re-branded, I came up with the tagline Own Your World. I know out of the thousands of you who have followed me, coached with me and have come to know me on social media, you get what that means. You likely wouldn’t still be here as part of my love tribe if you did not fully accept what I live by, which is the power and freedom that comes from owning your world. But for those of you who don’t really know me, or what I mean by that, allow me to explain…

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I believe wholeheartedly in being the best version of me. I also believe in a universal love consciousness…however I know that we don’t get to that place collectively until we first OWN the energy that we bring to the space. For me that meant removing my rescuer’s cape years ago and focusing on rescuing myself. For me that meant staying in my own lane. I am so focused on doing me, that I don’t have time to worry about how you are doing you (unless you have hired me of course).

Over the last few years there has been a big rise in the coaching industry. Coaches popping up everywhere… which in one way, completely thrills me as I love entrepreneurship and free enterprise. But in another way, concerns me. Why, because our industry has become one of mudslinging and shame marketing which are both rooted in fear. Because anyone can call themselves a coach, many do so without the deep inner work having been addressed.

How does this manifest in the professional world? This is how…..I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that I don’t see a post, a video, a blog authored by a coach who has set out to disparage other shock value is built around making others wrong for doing how they to them, so that the author can “one up” their position.

It’s become an epidemic. Last night I saw a blog post in a coaching group I belong to titled “is your coach full of shit”. The article was demeaning, bitter and disparaging to other coaches as well as a few of the author’s former clients who she chose to call out by name. As if the article wasn’t ugly enough, it was re-posted in this group and put under a microscope garnering more attention and then the blog itself had over 100 cheerleaders cheering the author on.

Is this what our world has come to? Bashing and shaming each other publicly to get up the ladder a notch or two ourselves? I even saw several posts this past week from coaches demeaning other coaches who seek high paying clients. And the truth is, if they were prosperous and had high paying clients themselves, they wouldn’t be bashing others who do. All of this behavior is rooted in fear which spawns off behaviors of jealously, anger and hate. I am around millionaires and billionaires all the time and they don’t roll like this. In fact the words “six figures” and “seven figures” never even come out of their mouth. They work silently and let their results make the noise. They own their world.

And so here is what I say to you… and them…

Focus on just doing YOU. I am too busy doing me in my life to have an ounce of care to what another coach is doing. Put ALL your energy and focus into growing and mastering YOU. The negative web that is spun from sending out this hate to the universe eventually boomerangs right back. While we all know misery loves company and hate always attracts attention and engagement, ultimately the road that begins in hate ends in hate.

So I ask today, if you are reading this, that you partake in up-leveling YOU.

That you focus on owning your world and that you NOT partake in the misery parties that ensue all over the web. Don’t even give such behavior your coveted “like”.

I am of the belief that when one wins, we all win and it’s time we become secure enough in our own self love so that peace and love can truly be the victors.


Have a blessed day.

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