I don’t believe in calling people toxic, negative, losers etc.

When I see those words being used they make me feel ill. Everyone walking this planet has a soul contract divinely written for his or her personal life path. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, for THEM. Their lessons are presented to show them THEIR way to enlightenment.

10-15-15 Meme

In every situation we have free will and the choices each of us make will carve out our own karma. Don’t spend your life embroiled in battle in an attempt to fix an injustice. The universe does a great job rewarding actions with equal karma. Fighting and bringing someone down doesn’t make you whole. Only you can provide your wholeness. I no longer reference good or bad because I no longer believe in framing or labeling…

We. Are. All. One.

Just because something doesn’t feel right to us, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for them.

Let. People. Be.

I believe ALL is divinely in order, uniquely for us, for our lessons for the soul contract we are here to fulfill.

So we can cry, bash, fight, rant and rave

– or –

We can look inward because it’s not happening to us; it’s a part of us.

I do however believe, that it’s MY responsibility to uphold the energy I bring into this world and my energy is a product of my thoughts and beliefs. Change your thoughts; change your world.

YES! I hold a very important responsibility to use my vibe to enhance the world, as should you.

And in continually doing so, I continue to attract people and circumstances in alignment with that vibe.

So if in your life today you are dealing with unsettling circumstances…

Rather than focus on the lie that “someone else did me wrong”…

Go stand in front of the mirror…

Take a deep breath…

And ask God to reveal to you what’s hidden that you can’t see. Ask to see how you are called in your life.

Be open to taking personal responsibility. This is the biggest step towards enlightenment.

Express gratitude for the lesson and that you have the wisdom to move into the next chapter with greater awareness of what you don’t want.

Your greatest asset in life is not money; it’s not even time. It is your mind, because your perception of the world around you will be the difference between joy and misery.

Remember, we don’t see things as they are; we see them as WE are.

I love you; have a beautiful day.

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