mentalheathI know many of us have a desire to improve the mental health situation in our world as do I and surely there is much work to be done, however the real work begins with us. While we may look like we have it all together on the outside, so few do and we are the very people ready to rescue everyone else.

We have a real epidemic going on here in the world of social media where we have found comfort in sharing all of our sad stories (myself included) and chronic issues which only perpetuate the fear and energy we have around whatever it is we are resisting. Ever single moment we are feeding that fear by posting about it, talking about it and staying in that energy we are lowering our vibration to the point that the floodgates are wide open and we wonder why we continue to keep attracting more of what we don’t want. I am not saying this to judge anyone. I have done it and do it also.

God laid this message on my heart tonight so I am sharing it. Talking about our problems doesn’t solve them. It might bring us temporary comfort knowing we are not alone but the side effect can be very detrimental. Go to God with your burden. We don’t need attention, validation or commiseration from the world, we need to sure up our OWN home fronts. We need to reclaim our OWN power. This my friends is what enlightenment is all about, when we can stop the pattern of getting our needs met outwardly. That is where changing the state of mental health begins.