For many years I taught/believed in sales and closing techniques. I no longer believe in closing people. If you have done a great job sowing a multitude of seeds in the world, if you have done a great job building trust with your tribe and clients, if you have been consistent in your dealings, there is no need to close anyone.


Each of those actions will spawn a ripple effect that will have clients waiting at your doorstep. Closing is for people who cannot attract clients through their own good will.

Additionally, someone who purchases against their will, seldom tends to be a good customer and there’s an even greater chance that they will not be a lifetime customer. So instead of focusing on the close, focus on sowing seeds of value into the world. Focus on building a brand that is consistent. Focus on keeping your word 100% of the time so people know they can trust you and bank on your promise.

Build Trust + Add Tons of Value + Be Consistent = Lifetime Customer

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