woman-superhero-flying-600x360We all know the difference between participating in something and being committed to it right? When producing a dish made of ham and eggs, the pig provides the ham which requires his sacrifice and the chicken provides the eggs which are not difficult to produce. Thus the pig is really committed in that dish while the chicken is only involved, yet both are needed to produce the dish.

It’s easy to say we are striving to live in a positive space on a daily basis however it’s only in times of struggle do we realize what we are truly made of. We get to take personal responsibility for it all and see how committed we truly are to our own cause of staying in love and light. If we are committed to being a victor, that won’t change when our circumstances change. Our job is to stand and stand strong and rather than condemn the storm, marvel in it. Why? Because it’s perfect. It’s all perfect. One of my mentors who I seek spiritual advice from always has a way of showing me that everything going on in and around me is perfect, perfect for where I am, perfect for who I am and everyone around who are players in the game are playing the perfect role for the lessons I am to learn in this very moment. I called them all into my life by my own beliefs and it’s the perfect lesson in that moment because the battle we are fighting is never with man, it’s the battle of own our mind. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it so we get to choose that everything is perfect. How empowering.

See when we are committed to staying a victim, we might see things as perfect the majority of the time, we may see them as never being perfect but nonetheless, we will still find ways to frame things as right or wrong, good or bad. We see the world as happening TO us rather than FOR us. We may think we are committed to being a victor but our subconscious beliefs tell a different story and our actions will show otherwise. It’s only when we can begin to see EVERYTHING as in divine order and PERFECT for us AND them, that we begin to truly walk the path of commitment to being a victor. You will know when you are getting closer to this point as you no longer will feel the need to make others wrong. They are perfect just like you. Remember, what we see in others is only a reflection of what we see within ourselves because without that knowledge, we would never have the ability to recognize it in another.

Remember, being committed to win doesn’t change just because circumstances change. It means that no matter what, we stand strong. We know that we are co-creating our reality in any given moment with people and circumstances and we place no other frames around these things other than it’s ALL PERFECT!