The problem with calling yourself a “Life” or “Business” coach is that these are both generalizations that could take on thousands of different meanings. What you need is a highly specialized niche and then you build your brand around THAT.

In addition, by using these names, you have now lumped yourself in with the scores of other people who also call themselves life and business coaches. In my world, we are all about standing FAR APART from the herd!


In the world of branding, there is zero room for ambiguity. Luke warm generalizations are the death of a brand and ultimately the death of a business.

Always remember, the tighter the niche, the quicker you get rich. Stop trying to be all things to all people, get out of fear of losing people and pick a niche, plant your flag deep in the ground, stand tall in your power and the right people will appear. If you don’t know who you are, you certainly cannot expect anyone else to know who you are! Your potential clients need to know that you can speak their language!! Perhaps it’s time for a Brand Tuneup?

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