The Making of a Business Leader and Entrepreneur

Kellie KuechaComing from very humble beginnings and a small farm town in NJ, Kellie grew up dreaming of the day that she could earn her own money in order to buy the designer jeans she so desperately desired. Her primary goal as a child was to land herself a job on the blueberry fields once she turned 12 and that she did. Once she had the jeans her next goal became her first curling iron and then Nike sneakers and the goals kept getting bigger! After two summers of picking and packing blueberries, selling pencils, candy and whatever she could get her hands on to her friends at school, Kellie had become quite a savvy deal maker. By the age of 14, she had her sights set on a much bigger career but quickly came to realize that the jobs she wanted would not become available to her until she turned 16. As fate would have it, Kellie’s parents got divorced when she was 14 and with her dad forced to take on a second job at night to make ends meet, her dream would come true much quicker than she had imagined.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Thanks to a strict dad who refused to allow his daughter to stay home alone, at 14 Kellie landed her very first banking job. Kellie’s father requested a position be created for her at the bank where he worked as a contingency for his employment and that became Kellie’s first big realization that good things do arise out of something bad. Kellie went on to enjoy a four year career as a banker working under the direction of the Senior VP and graduated high school working three jobs and with a wealth of incredible business experience under her belt. Kellie credits the many mentors who took her under their wing as a child with a large part of her success.

College or Career?

Since working hard and earning an income had become such a part of Kellie’s life, taking a sabbatical to go to college was not in the cards. Confused on what career path she would take, she decided to take a position working for Lenox China right after graduation. That four year career path would lead Kellie into a prestigious and well earned Credit Manager position at 23 working for a Fortune 500 company. By this time, Kellie was being mentored by some of the top business leaders in the country and the world was her oyster. Her unwavering faith in her own abilities coupled with a driven passion to succeed, Kellie reinvented the rules and proved to many that fancy degrees and letters behind one’s name weren’t the only path to success.

The Turning Point

After only 8 months at a job she absolutely loved and worked so hard to land, Kellie was ready for her next big move. At the age of 24, she left the corporate world and would go on to take one of the biggest risks of her life. While everyone was certain she had lost her mind, Kellie set out to embark on a career in network marketing and would go on to build one of the most successful businesses in the history of her company. “Network Marketing was my college education” Kellie would profess to the thousands of men and women whom she spoke to around the world. “I am living proof that with a little determination and a lot of gumption, you CAN accomplish whatever you set your mind to!”

During her 20’s Kellie captivated audiences all over the world with her vision, determination and presence and has continued to be a shining light to many. She has been leading women into entrepreneurship for more than a decade and her name is one that has become synonymous with women and success. Kellie believes it was the many corporate boardroom discussions, house meetings and group trainings that gave her the insight and experience to lead her own successful groups over the years. Bringing groups of like-minded people together both personally and professionally as a way to learn, share and grow has become one of Kellie’s signature business models.


Faced with many challenges, failures and adversities during her career and throughout her life, Kellie has become masterful at finding the “hidden treasures” that God plants along the way. She has become the poster child of a woman who has turned many of her own adversities into advantages and she travels the globe sharing her story. “My vision is to empower women to embrace their unique essence while building their careers around their personal stories, setbacks and fears so that they too can be an inspiration to others,” Kellie explains.

Kellie’s leadership, coaching programs and advice are sought out by business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe. Her unique ability to quickly transform an idea into a revenue producing model has enabled her programs and coaching to gain popularity and continue to rapidly grow. She has coached thousands of women during her career and prides herself on her ability to help them find their “hidden treasures” while learning how to become savvy entrepreneurs who CAN have it all.

Kellie believes every woman has the power to Own Her World!  For her that means coming to a place of complete knowing that YOU are enough with the certainty that YOU Can Succeed on your own terms!  She believes that our businesses should reflect our personalities, passions and life journey. “There should be no line between business and pleasure or work and passions” is her motto.

Kellie passionately incorporates her love for food, cooking, family, hostessing and gathering women into her businesses and message and she empowers her clients to do the same.  “Life is too short to not spend each and every day in total bliss.”   Kellie also believes strongly in the gift being in service and dedicates countless hours to several causes that support women and children in addition to awarding scholarships in each of her programs from those who could not otherwise afford her training and support. Kellie is the proud mother of Kayla and Karina and bonus children Brandon and Jason. Committed to her vision of raising entrepreneurial children who also give back, Kellie’s children all have their own businesses and dedicate their time to helping the less fortunate as well.

The Creation of a Legacy

As one of the foremost authorities on marketing and branding, Kellie is creating an empire that will continue to make an impact on women for many years to come. Her authoritative and fascinating business building insights and authenticity are big draws on the international stage as women all over the world seek her expertise. Kellie hosts entrepreneurial events that change lives and her workshops are unlike any other seminars in the world. Everyone from stay-at-home Moms and newbie business owners to fully fledged savvy entrepreneurs are given Kellie’s innovative success tools to help them take their businesses and lives to entirely new levels.

After several years of business coaching programs to thousands of members it was time to establish an exclusive club for entrepreneurship. In August 2011 Diamond Leadership Club, Kellie’s premier business coaching club launched. Here her passion for helping other women succeed has no boundaries. Although her career has been full of many outstanding triumphs, what fills the legendary entrepreneur with the most pride are the achievements of the students and clients she has mentored and coached. “There is no better feeling in the world then when someone has a breakthrough” Kellie professes, “and I absolutely love being a part of that realization when a student sees an idea transform into something that can powerfully represent them!”

The Future

The unstoppable Kellie Kuecha is set to leave an indelible mark in the minds of women across America and around the world in 2011 and beyond. Through it she’ll take more women on the exciting journey of entrepreneurship to experience the freedom of choices for their families that they have always wanted.