As we prepare to embark on yet another spring, I am quite sure your Soul is beginning to long for the sights, smells, sounds and feelings that the new season brings with it.  Up until now, you may not have thought about these things as being the essence of your Soul Gravity, but I invite you to begin looking at those gravitational pulls differently, starting today.

Soul Gravity pulls us in the direction of people, places and things that we are drawn to energetically. It is part of the very fibers of our being that enable us to experience true bliss. I believe our souls came here partially knowing what they were drawn to and the other parts revealed themselves and were shaped as we moved through our journey of life.

I am sure you have heard the quote, “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather, spiritual beings having a human experience.”  I believe that.   I know “spirit” has many different meanings to different people but to me, spirit and soul are synonymous with one another.  Spirit to me is the intuition that guides you in your life.  It’s that peaceful place within you that you rely on to keep you balanced and heart centered.  It’s the naked pieces of you.  It’s the voice that guides you.  I look at the Soul as part of the spirit but to me, the Soul is much deeper.  It contains the DNA of many lives and souls that came before us.  It contains the genetic coding of our Soul Gravity.  It is the key that can unlock many doors providing we don’t ignore it.  Herein lies the issue and the reason for my new mission.

Many have not visited their Souls in a long time, if ever.  I believe spirituality is one way to tap into the Soul and I think it’s something that has to be continually worked on, but there are also other ways.  Starting with knowing your Soul Gravity.

All along, you have known you have Soul Gravity however, you probably didn’t know what to call it and perhaps you didn’t know how to categorize it.  That’s OK, neither did I.   But it’s my mission now to teach you how to tap into your personal and professional Soul Gravity and help you combine them together into an ever flowing infinity ring.

Over the course of the next few months I will be sharing with you different exercises to unveil your inner Soul and truly get in touch with your Soul Gravity.  Then I will show you how to prosper in ways that you probably never imagined were possible when you learn to use your Soul Gravity to create an ebb and flow between your soul’s desires and your personal and professional endeavors.

Now back to the seasons.  Back in New Jersey as a young woman, I would get so excited at the turn of each season because it always represented renewal to me, sort of a re-birthing of spirit.  At the start of autumn I would enjoy taking the screens off the big glass windows that overlooked the river and placing pumpkin decals everywhere.  I loved the smells of apple and pumpkin spice in the air and the view of the leaves on the ground.  I enjoyed the warmth of the candles in the windows that created sparkles of light throughout my home, as they were symbolic of the dark nights ahead and the pending wintery cold months to come.  I loved baking and entertaining during those months as they represented family and connecting time over great meals and crackling fires. Then as spring approached I couldn’t wait to put all of those thoughts, feelings and traditions away as I prepared for the sunlight, flowers and the beach and I would do this all year long as the seasons changed.  I would be willing to bet you do also.

Since moving to Florida, I miss those Soul Gravitating feelings that the seasons brought.  Somehow it just isn’t the same feeling at Christmas when the inside of your home is adorned with beautiful Christmas delight and outside the doors the temperature is 90 degrees! So in the 11 years that I have lived here, I have learned to feed my Soul Gravity differently but without compromising the very things that made it what it is today.

So today, I ask you to begin the Soul Gravity process with me as I set out to show you how you too can live a life of bliss and prosperity without compromising a single piece of who you are at the very core.

I want you to start by buying yourself a new journal.  Not one that you have had sitting around, a journal dedicated specifically to your personal Soul Gravity.  Then I want you to write an entry beginning with the words, “When I am in complete bliss, my Soul gravitates towards… “ I want you to list the people, places, things, sounds, smells and all of the feelings that go into you reaching that true sense of bliss.  Next, I want you to commit to the next part of the journey, which is joining me on May 4th at the Holiday Inn in Highland Beach Florida where we will take this process much deeper. Lastly, I would love to hear your comments on my blog as you journey through this process.

My wish for you is that you love yourself so completely that you give yourself this gift of knowing.  As you shed light on your own Soul Gravity you create the space for it to energetically travel and inspire others to do the same.  Imagine a world where there is a Soul Gravity ripple effect; imagine the vibrational levels surrounding you and us when we all embrace US as a whole.  It’s time to stop playing small.  You deserve to live powerfully and soulfully and I am committed to helping you get there.

See you at the Soul Gravity Getaway on May 4th!

With Love,