3 Simple Steps on How to Profit from Being YOU

By Kellie Kuecha

For many years I taught my students and clients not to use their name as part of their business name because the main reason we are in business (according to Michael Gerber author of the E-myth) is to sell our business. It was always believed that if you used your name, your business would not be saleable. Many of the experts taught this as well, however with the changing times and current marketing and branding trends, we now know that people want to do business with YOU, not your company. THERE IS NO COMPETITION WHEN YOU ARE THE COMPANY. Why – because you are one of a kind! Below are some simple things to remember in positioning and packaging your brand. You will need to attend or get the recorded version of my How to Profit from Being YOU event on May 30th to learn how to carefully assemble and monetize your brand.

1. You Have 30 Seconds – That’s right. When out at a networking event, party, charity drive etc, we are often asked the question “What do you do?” What people are really asking is not what your company does or what kind of company you own, but what function do YOU hold within the company. So not, “I own a company called Women that Win”, but “I am expert marketer and brander who can help you position your company in a way that makes you stand out, profit more and worry less.” Most will ask, “What do you mean worry less?” I will then say, “My techniques will enable you to get hundreds more clients to your website and engage them right away so that you can sell them your product or service without ever seeing them.” My question back to them is, “Does your website currently make you money?” Most will say no.

2. Learn to Use Your Mouth – So often I find that my students and clients are using fancy brochures, booklets and other marketing collateral that almost never gets looked at. I have the fancy brochure also but I do NOT use it to hand out at events to tell the story of what I do. I am much further along in the marketing process with a prospect before I ever consider pulling out a brochure and most times it is to make a close. Start putting some time into making your mouth the brochure. Get rid of the collateral and script out your approaches and possible objections in advance. Know your 30 second commercial inside and out. I highly recommend getting some training from a speaking coach on how to make the most of the 30 seconds you have to make your big impression.

3. Give a Gift – Put a free gift on the back of your card that requires your prospect to take the next step with you. I have an online recorded copy of my Building the Brand Called YOU speech and depending on the prospect, I may use that particular gift to begin the sales process. See, I always assume that whomever I am speaking with will ultimately buy from me so why not begin the sales process the moment you first meet someone. Of course there is a systematized way of doing this but this is how it begins. Don’t waste that important real estate on the back of your card – engage your new client immediately. Ask them to email you to let you know how they liked the gift. This will surely help them remember YOU much better than your company and better yet, it begins to help you build trust by showcasing your expertise. I will then have their card put into my Building the Brand Called YOU auto-responder list that will automatically follow up with them in a week asking them how they liked the recording. They are now engaged with me and my system will automatically move them through the process of learning about my other products and services.

Again, there is a systemized way of engaging, selling, closing and standing out. Get your ticket now for my How to Profit from Being YOU event on May 30th – see you there!

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